There can be several reasons why the cosmetics are not displayed ingame: The most common reason is that you are not connected to the database or that you are using an outdated version of the mod. Please always make sure that you installed the latest version of the OldAnimationsMod. In the gadgets menu you can check whether your database status is "CONNECTED" or "REFUSED". If the status shows "REFUSED" simply click the button below to reconnect to the database. Another reason may be that an error occured during the payment process. In this case please contact us via mail, twitter or discord with a message containing the transactions ID of your purchase. 
You can manage your cosmetics on our website 
All possible settings for the cosmetics can be made here. The code needed to access the website is generated when you press "Get Login Code" on the right side of the gadgets menu of the OldAnimationsMod. It then simply has to be entered on the website.
A refund is possible within two weeks after the purchase. 
Purchases made via PaySafeCard cannot be refunded and an exclusion from our shop system could be imposed.
No, it is not possible to transfer cosmetics. The cosmetics are bound to the account which they were purchased for.
If you need official support, you can contact us via our Discord  (OldAnimationsMod), email ([email protected]), or just write us on Twitter (@Support_OAM). 
Yes! The cosmetics are not tied to the name, but to the UUID of the account.
The system will automatically send the transaction ID to the email address you provided when purchasing the cosmetic